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SAFEWAY, S’mores, and Honua Kai Resort @ Ka’anapali, Maui


Do you want know a good way to live the life of a Hawaiian? Ok not really an authentic Hawaiian who lives off the land and is more in touch with nature. I grew up in Sydney Australia so I don’t know much about living off the land. Sometimes old habits are hard to change, and yes… we were so hungry so we decided to shop for our own food while staying @ the Honua Kai resort in Ka’anapali, Maui Hawaii. So, grabbed a trolley and strolled into SAFEWAY to buy food and supplies for our 4 day stay in Maui.

I was sooo excited. It was almost like was shopping at home back in Australia (SAFEWAY is Woolworths in Australia, though we still have Safeway stores in some States), but it wasn’t. This was Hawaii!! (Re-enactment: *pinches self* “Honey, we’re ACTUALLY in Hawaii… Right… now. And shoppiiiiiiing for grocerieeeees!”). Anyway, here’s how it went down. We went through, bought some beef mince for spaghetti bolognese dinner (i know… so un-island-like…). wait…. You know what?

grocery shopping @ safeway, maui

Here’s our list:

– Beef mince (chop meat)
– Smuckers Grape Jam
– Pasta
– Paul Newmans Bolognese sauce (i’m sure the red wine sauce)
– Tanqueray Gin
– Canada Dry Tonic Water
– Cool Whip (my wife hadn’t been back to USA for 2 years. She  missed the Cool Whip, lol)
– Mineral water
– Cheetos Twisted Puffs
– Milk
– English muffins
– Garlic Bread
– Butter
– Spices + some other things i can’t even remember… maybe bananas
grocery shopping @ safeway, maui2


we walked past this sign… (*sound of trolley squeaking to a halt…*)

s'mores stand in maui safeway









before the s'mores


add 3x more ingredients:
– hersheys chocolate
– graham crackers
– kraft marshmallows





I was about to learn the way of the s’mores eaters, with my wife as my instructor. Yes, this was the very first time i’d ever eaten s’mores (stupid auto correct keeps changing to ‘smokes’. Ewwww). I had never even heard of this weird sounding mashup of ingredients. My wife told me “you’ve NEVER heard of s’mores? Where have you been?? How can you not have heard of S’mores??” etc. etc. (what i heard: “yada yada yada… s’mores”?? I’m joking… I love my wife very much!). I surely didn’t know what i was in for. The s’mores tasted AMAZING. I was hooked, and even ate them cold the next day (maybe that’s the islander in me lol!) Anyways….. Going to Safeway was not a drag. It’s what you make of it. it was definitely all worth it as we got to have our s’mores treats while watching the endless blue ocean from our amazing Maui room at the Honua Kai, and that’s what it’s all about. See below:

Honua Kai resort awesome view

I just wrote a 5 second poem thinking about all this stuff:

No qualms,
no stress,
no force,
just calm,
the ocean,
the sunshine,
and, S’mores…  →   (i copyright that, that’s MINE) 🙂

I know, this post is so not much of an “island post”, but the relaxing part was so very much islander. And it’s in Hawaii (Highly recommend the Honua Kai Resort to anyone who wants to go to Hawaii). We were definitely part of the Aloha spirit, no worries mate! 🙂

I’m very westernised, this is true, but at least i’m still learning my language. By the way, I learned Sota Tale (must say it by using short vowels. That’s the key!) means “see you later” in Fijian the other day.

So, until next post, it’s Mahalo (Hawaiian for thank you), and Sota Tale!! 🙂

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