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Queen Kapiolani Hotel, Honolulu, HI = Beautiful

queen kapiolani                                                                      Our view from The Queen Kapiolani Hotel, Honolulu


Our stay at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Honolulu (5 minute walk from Waikiki beach) was nothing short of delightful!

Something that was NOT delightful though was that my phone died the other day, and I lost everything on it. I wish I could’ve backed it up quicker… 😦

ANYWAYS… No matter. I still have this absolute gem of a video that I took from our 16th floor room at the Queen Kapiolani on Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu which I had fortunately saved earlier. (fullscreen view recommended)

You will see a great view of Diamond Head, then a lovely view of the clear blue water in Waikiki (wish I got more of the water on video too, so my wife tells me. I’d have to agree).

The view was so beautiful, so relaxing. We were so excited and utterly blown away at the sheer beauty of this place. What I also liked about the rooms was the windows. They are like glass window louvres (like shutters shown above), which reminded me of the islands. Wheni went to Fiji 20 years ago the windows were like that in many different places i went to during the trip, so island authenticity was a huge plus for me staying at the Queen Kapiolani. Below us directly across the street is the Honolulu Zoo. One morning we were suddenly awoken by loud Gorilla sounds! Lol! I’m telling you…Not the best thing to wake up to, no-sir-ee.

Check it out:

It was so beautiful to sit at the balcony in the evening, and feel the warm tropical breeze. Sipping on a gin and tonic. Thinking about life. Thinking about… *pinches self* I’m actually here in Hawaii.
I wrote a little something today that takes me back to the island, see if you can imagine the beauty for yourself:


Lokahi (Unity)

Peace, freedom, nature
was what was in store
A getaway to Honolulu
the Kapiolani walls
around the corner of Kapahulu
swayed the gentle waves of Waikiki
Aloha was all around me
see if you can find me…
Serenity creeps upon you
the ocean blue, it calls
a weakness for its touch
fond of the surroundings
sweet ukulele filled the air, soft sounds
floating weightless within the waters, wading
eyes closed toward the sun, 
chillaxing hath overcome
A coconut dreaming
taro leaving,
warmth of Polynesia
within a Maui Pineapple smile
it’s Golden
lost in all its glory
I’m seeing, I’m believing, I’m freeing
see if you can find me…

Whoa… so mellow…

Yes, I dedicate that poem to Hawaii, though all the islands definitely share that same beauty. We immensely enjoyed our stay at the beautiful Queen Kapiolani Hotel, and we can’t wait to go back there! I’m just going to keep this post short, sweet, and to the point…

Hawaii is amazing. GO THERE! Hahaha…   😐   I’m serious… (:-P)

For more info on the Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Honolulu please visit their website:

Until next time it’s Lokahi (unity) to all. Mahalo nui loa. Ahuiho (until we meet again)… ALOHA! 🙂

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