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McDonalds Waikiki/ Haupia Pie & Pineapple Dessert

ALOHA all!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my wife and I had some life changing experiences on our recent trip to Hawaii. Those experiences have brought me to where I am right here and now, learning the Fijian language. There is one experience from Hawaii though, that left me in awe. Yes, that experience was when we went to (oh man…) McDonalds in Waikiki!! LOL

Why do I laugh? Hmmm, maybe it’s half disbelief, half embarrassment… I mean… pfft, it’s only McDonalds *face filled with confusion* of all places, RIGHT?

Ok, please allow me a short minute to explain the situation if you will:

We had just arrived in Hawaii and been driven via shuttle to our hotel (Queen Kapiolani Hotel, Waikiki), by the time we checked in, settled into our room and what not, it was about 930pm. We decided to go for a walk and look for a place to eat. We were sooooo hungry. Our minds were to exhausted after the Flight from Jacksonville FL, to Dallas TX, to Honolulu, HI… so we couldn’t be bothered looking for new places to eat. By then, in our tired state, McDonalds was the easiest, less painful, most faimliar choice.

I knew immediately what I wanted… Big Mac meal.

BUT, then I saw a sign up ahead…

haupia pie

On the sign was a Mcdonalds pie, with a flavour i had never seen before in a McDonalds restaurant. It was called Haupia Pie. No, not apple pie, HAUPIA pie. A quick search on google helped me to find out through wikipedia *see link here* what HAUPIA is (even though the picture next to it had coconuts all over it, i still Googled ‘haupia’ as i was soooo excited to see an island name on a McDonalds menu, and wanted more data to quench my thirst for Hawaiian knowledge).


We waited ever patiently for our meals. it was a little busy that night. I could not stop talking about this coconut pie i just ordered… still in disbelief that this could even be possible for McDonalds to sell such a pie. (I guess I knew it could be possible… In Australia McDonalds sold an English Pie during the FIFA World Cup which had berries and custard which was very nice indeed, but this time… I was in Hawaii, and I was loving the islands… so…)

When the meals came out and the register lady called out our receipt number. Yeah, that was our number. BUT, I saw our tray of food with an additional two cups of extra yellow stuff. I actually wasn’t sure if they got our order correctly. I asked the register lady about it, and she said: “It is a cup of Pineapple. It comes free with every meal”. I couldn’t breathe!!! The excitement! The passion! The love for Hawaiian food and island tropical fruitiness… this was GOOD.

Haupia Pie & Pineapple

I ate my burger and fries in quick haste with the look of satisfaction on my face. Then, when that was done, all that lay before me was the Haupia Pie & Pineapple. My mouth began watering again. Then there I was, blissfully enjoying the coconut haupia pie which went SO well with the golden Maui pineapple. I thought I was trying to eat them really slow to enjoy the dessert longer… Before I could take a 2nd breath, they were both… gone.

In no way will I ever regret a McDonalds meal ever again in Hawaii. I don’t know how often they make these types of pies, but I’m so glad I got to experience that. It really enhanced the Polynesian experience for me.

taro pie

McDonalds also at times have sold Taro Pies, like the one shown above… I had that on my mind this weekend.

So i went and got me some Taro tea with Tapioca pearls. It was Asian style tea but that doesn’t even matter. The flavours were sweet and still reminded me of the islands, and it was purple  🙂

The Taro tea sure tasted great, though, with all due respect to those milk tea makers, it was no compensation for my unique Haupia Pie experience. YUMM-O!

taro milk tea with tapioca pearls

It’s a kind and warm Haupia Pie Mahalo for this post. So, until next post. Moce Mada! 🙂

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