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Fiji Curry HUT/ Still learning Fijian

Bula Vinaka!

As you may know I’m currently trying to learn the Fijian language, the native language of my parents. But growing up in Australia, and my parents speaking to me in english all my life did not help either. But now i have help from books, dictionaries such as this:

Say it in Fijian


I learned from speaking with my friend Tony the word Taucoko means all. Now remember the c is pronounced th as in “then”, (not “theatre”).

My wife and I took a trip yesterday to a restaurant I’ve heard about from a workmate called the “Fiji Curry Hut”. I really wanted to check this place out as I love my curry and roti. So I checked out their website, and I could see they were open until 10pm. So I thought to myself “this must be a fairly good location, most probably close to a pub”. We hopped in the car and drove out to go have some curry (I was craving some too…), then lo and behold there it was… the actual restaurant RIGHT in front of a pub which was directly across the street. Twas a great location indeed.

So we went inside and there was a nice man Mahendra (he is a nice Fijian Indian man). I told him: “I heard about this place from someone at work, so though i’d come to check it out”. He was a nice guy. He took our order, then we waited. Once the food was ready something happened that I did NOT come prepared for. He STARTED SPEAKING TO ME IN FIJIAN!! It was so fast I could not keep up with a word he was saying!! 😦

I told him right away: “SORRY, I don’t speak Fijian… BUT i’m learning…” I could see his face a little embarrassed. He said “All the local Fijians know about this place”, and they’ve been there for 4 years, which to me sounds like a good run. BUT… you know what I realised? I heard Mahendra say the word, even though really fast, “Taucoko” which means “All” in Fijian. So he was telling me in Fijian about the Fijians come to his restaurant. I felt good though because I was able to recognise a word used in casual conversation that I had just learned recently. I’ve only just started to learn the language but I’m already seeing some of the benefits. I just need to stick at it. That’s what I aim to do…!

They are open every day during the week except Monday. They also do a Lovo Pack (Lovo is the name for the Fijian style of cooking food under the ground). We had some delicious chicken curry, plus some lamb curry. They came with some rice and 2 roti’s is each. Also they came with some Dhal and a little chutney as well. My wife and I were so happy with our island dinner. We were NOT disappointed!  🙂

If you’re around the area, check it out… Here’s a pic from their website below. I will try get some of my own though…

Moce Mada!  🙂

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Learning the language??

I’ve just learned that “vosota” means sorry in Fijian, and “vosota au” is more respectful and means forgive me.

My little Lonely Planet phrase book has helped my out tremendously, but it also helps that my Dad speaks Fijian fluently which may give me a slight advantage.

See the book i’m using as shown below:

Lonely Planet Phrasebooks: Fijian Phrasebook

Also, here’s a cool website I found from Stu (shown below), who’s setup a site to teach Fijian for beginners with Sound clips, pictures with examples, assignments. It looks as if it is also incomplete as probably untouched since 2012, though I’ve found the content currently available to be extremely helpful.

Here’s the link:

All the best!


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