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Tahitian Coconut Bread/ Polynesian Cultural Centre, Hawaii

Ia Ora Na! (hello in Tahitian)

My wife and I had the fun task of watching how to make Tahitian coconut bread @ THE POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTRE back in June 2014. We learned that Tahitians are known for their wild hip shaking hula style with wicked Timbaland sounding island drum beats that he probably sampled himself at some point… The Tahitian folk in this part of the POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTRE tour actually made the bread by cooking it in the ground like the old school Tahitians, in fact just like all polynesians would have done (no ovens existed back then. I guess we can call them underground ovens?). Also, and to my own disappointment, you can see below on the right is a poor quality picture of the recipe. Yes I took that hideous picture… (blurry, unreadable, no focus, disappointing…). I did manage to find another better quality pic though…

OK, I’m ready. Let’s make this beautiful thing! 🙂


coconut bread at PCCcoconut bread at PCC (good)

Ingredients: grated coconut, flour, baking powder, sugar, water 


1 – Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit/ 175 degrees Celsius

2 – In a large bowl, mix coconut & baking powder

3 – Add Sugar & Water

4 – Add flour

Tahitian coconut bread7











(above: gradually adding flour to rest of ingredients)


5 – Mix all ingredients to a doughy texture, adding flour as needed so that dough’s not to stick

Tahitian coconut bread5Tahitian coconut bread8







6 – Break dough into 5 pieces of equal size (we used coconut oil to line the foil). Roll each piece into a log and wrap in Aluminium foil, the place on baking tray.

Tahitian coconut bread10

photo 3

Tahitian coconut bread4


7 – Bake in the oven for 1-1.5 hours

Tahitian coconut bread2















Check if the bread is cooked through… And there you have it, your very own hot and steamy coconut bread. When you slice the bread while still hot/ warm, the smell is so coconutty and delicious. Might be a little heavy depending on who you are, but absolutely perfect buttered with a nice hot cup of tea. YUMMMmmMM-O!! Stay tuned for more Poly food/ recipes & more on the POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTRE!!

TAMA’A MAITAI (Bon apetit in Tahitian) 🙂

Tahitian coconut bread3

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Coconut Oil Miracle & YOU/ Dr. Oz approved!!

According to “The term coconut dates back to the 16th century. It derives from the Spanish and Portuguese word coco, meaning “a grin”, “a monkey face” respectively, since there is a slight resemblance to a human face or a monkey head because of the three tiny indents on the hairy shell of the fruit. Cocos nucifera is a scientific term for the coconut tree, or coconut palm.” also say: “The origin of the coconut plant is vague. Many researchers suggest Malaysia to be the likeliest place, others consider the north-west of South America. The fruit has spread worldwide mostly with the help of seafarers. The coconut fruit itself is light and water resistant, it can keep itself afloat on the surface of the water, thus able to be spread by currents. Now it is grown in more than 70 countries throughout the world. The major countries are India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Maldives.” Hmmm interesting… Somehow the coconuts ended up in the Polynesian islands centuries ago, and has become somewhat of a staple in the island diet. I’ve actually grown up with the understanding that ALL Pacific Islanders have strong “coconut heads”!! On a more serious note, I survived an accident about 10 years ago due my own stupidity (must have had a coconut head, as my brain was not there) where I actually fell 5 metres down a walkway bridge and supposedly hit my head on the ground. Actually, change that to MOST DEFINITELY hit my head. Here were my injuries:

  • I broke my jaw in half,
  • fractured my skull (my Dad told me my head looked like it had a bruise/ lump the size of a baseball/ cricket ball), and
  • my left ear was half torn off…

I came through with a full recovery (as you can see below, I’m very much still standing)… My coconut head came through for me. Hmmm…

Bridge & The Coconut Head








SO YEAH… that’s me with my coconut head at the infamous bridge…                







NOW, this is me (below) with Mum’s new coconut book. I SERIOUSLY intend to read this once Mum has finished reading it. I’ve checked the reviews, and most of them are great! In fact, my wife honestly bought us some coconut oil the other day from our local GNC store and gave me a shot of it the other night because it’s healthy… which took me back to when my sis and I used to go to school our Grandpa used to rub coconut oil on us every morning. On our legs, on our arms, through our hair… (i’m certain there was a healthy reason for doing so). Please allow me to be distracted for a moment: Isn’t it cool that so many memories stored in our brain are locked away, until it gets rehashed in moments such as this hehe. 🙂 And that’s about as far as my knowledge was regarding the mighty coconut. Yeah, and it tasted great! Aaaanyways… this isn’t just about ME. This is really about how anyone can really benefit from this wonder of nature. 

Mum's coconut book














Here’s a video of Dr Bruce Fife (author of the book) briefly explaining his story, and the many benefits of coconut oil in our lives:

But, you know what really helped confirm it for me? Dr Oz (yep, legit cardiovascular surgeon right here). Oh yes, even he proclaims it does benefit us in many ways. Okay, so here is Part 1…

Here’s part 2:

I’ve now got this STRONG urge to read this coconut book!! Hmmm, I shall let u know when i’m done.

Sega na leqa (no problems in Fijian)  😀

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