The Haka is going viral :)

29 Sep


I’m sure many of you know what the Haka is. If you’re not sure, please see previous post here. We’re so used to seeing the traditional Haka dances taking place before a game… Similar to this one from the recent FIBA Basketball World Cup earlier this month, New Zealand Vs USA:

Ok Ok… Probably not the best example of a haka…lol! USA were not phased as they won the game 98-71. At least the passion was there… right?

Traditional polynesian dancing has also become entertainment for many worldwide. A good example is Haka Entertainment (see here: Here’s an interesting, heartwarming comment made by Haka Entertainment on their homepage. I like this:

“The Maori people have a rich culture that has a unique spiritual depth, passionate vigour, and emotional intensity. But yet Maori still have an easy ability to laugh at themselves.

I’m certain – from personal experience too – that the comment above can be made regarding all polynesian/ islander backgrounds too. At the end of the day as long as the people (cousins, family, whoever) are united, having a good time, enjoying the fun vibes, enjoying themselves, and having fun. An endearing trait of the polynesian people.

Here’s a passionate video of the Samoan Rugby League club celebrating in the locker room after defeating France at the 2013 Rugby League World Cup…

NOTE:  if you honestly want to see a better quality version of the video >>>click here for BBC Sport article<<<

I personally think that clip is beautiful; it brings a smile to my face. 🙂

Here is a clip of College Football team the Arizona Wildcats (with a large number of polynesians in the team) performing a pre-game haka for the audience.


Much Love and peace always from the Poly Hub team. Until next post it’s a warm E hare rā (goodbye from person staying (me),lol, in Maori language) 😀

(OK, now here’s our little disclaimer, hehe… We are in no way posting this to move any person to do the Haka, or anyone to suddenly begin dancing, that is a personal choice. We are simply showing history and how certain things have brought the people together whether by tradition, or entertainment. Also from the Polynesian perspective. Whether you yourself do this by some other means, that’s wonderful (We only support that which does not go against our personal beliefs). Kudos to you 🙂 Our opinion though, at the end of the day, is not important.)
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