Hawaii: Honua Kai Resort/ Is Hawaii a Lost culture?

26 Jun


My wife and I stayed at the Honua Kai resort ( on Maui island in Hawaii for 4 nights. It was so relaxing, and as you can see in the pic below our view was amazingly beautiful. Upon arriving in Hawaii I was always under the impression Hawaii was a lost culture, and the language was pretty much lost…

Honua Kai Resort, Maui


I was able to speak to some of the locals who told me that many Hawaiian locals in Maui still live off the land, planting their own vegetables yams (like sweet potato), taro (almost like a potato, but grey), and many other vegetables. Jake, our tour guide for the hiking tour we did, told us how he grew up and has hunted wild boars all his life. He also speaks fluent Hawaiian (though not sure which dialect) and told us about how the Hawaiian culture is still very strong beneath the tourist attraction fed impressions, and he also climbs trees like a Hawaiian Tarzan. There are schools that only allow students 50% Hawaiian or more to enrol where the language is taught. Other islands of Hawaii have their own dialects too and the languages are still spoken throughout. It astounded me to see that so much of the culture in this country was most definitely being hidden away…

Unfortunately, like many other islands i’ve been to, there remains much poverty. I recall seeing one tourist lady coming out of a clothing store along Waikiki Beach with MANY bags in both hands, and upon her looking up she came almost eye to eye with a man on the street, with his own bag of clothes (more like a suitcase) looking quite drab… oops, yeah, that was a homeless guy… That honestly tore my heart and mind to pieces. (Honestly, my wife and I were NOT in Hawaii to shop, just chillax ONLY. We already did our own shopping back in mainland USA where the sales tax is lower (ok I got 2 suits on a sweet buy one get one free deal), and free accommodation with the family, who we hadn’t seen in years, oh and gas was a dollar cheaper too!)

Jake the tour guide (we called him Hawaiian tarzan)


Hawaii is definitely for me confirmed as one of the Polynesian islands, which seems to not be mentioned too much back in Australia (or maybe i just don’t know enough people who talk about it). Yes, Hawaiians do have a strong American influence but they (of Hawaiian descent) are genuinely still very much islanders. I felt to comfortable there. I felt like i wanted to learn the language, but after the respect i saw them show for Fiji as a Polynesian island (more by historical ties with Tonga which strongly influenced the culture in many ways), I decided to learn my own language. I am now learning Fijian!!

ALOHA, i mean, MOCE MADA!! (In Fijian alphabet c is pronounced ‘th’ as in ‘this’, d has silent n in front of it)

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